The student, the exams and the caffeine – we’re here with you!

exams The student, the exams and the caffeine   were here with you!
We’re with you!
We can read your mind, honest we can.
This week all that is on your mind is EXAMS and everything that goes with it – we know the day is not long enough (forget 1 extra hour, 2 would be nice), and we know it’s highly likely your healthy food choices have gone completely out the window (fast food anyone?). Which is a shame, ‘cos good nutrition feeds the brain.
Not only do you need to study and prepare, you have a billion other regular things on your mind. So we thought, well we can’t help you with the billion other things but sure we can have a go at helping with your prep. Keeping those brain cells fresher for longer 😉 We feel your pain, and wish you well on the exams ahead! So read on for our exam tips.
Plan for after – something nice to look forward to
Yeah we start with the good stuff. Immediately, right now, make a plan for what you will do after the exam. We already know you will deserve it. A meal out? A movie? Date? Choose something that you will really look forward to. Stick it on a post it note so you can see it at all times, even 3am.
Rise and shine
We know you are not leaving it to the last minute – right? Right? So you already know you can’t be doing the allnighters. So definitely make a plan, so do get started at least a week before the exam. Get that alarm clock  on early – it’ll be painful the first few times, so just start with 10m increments until you are up early enough to feel you definitely have the extra time you need.
On paper, digital, on the back of your hand with a Sharpie. Just begin by making a daily schedule of topics for review. You’ll want to go over a small amount of material for each class each day. Whenever you do finish a topic, do a mini review. Then get yourself a coffee, you earned it!
Outline – then Do the thing
Once you have settled on what topics you need to study and how much time you’ll be needing, it is time to actually do the thing and Study. One of the best ways is to make great outlines. When you read your textbook and the notes taken in class, you can help yourself by writing a brief summary for each topic. Highlight some of the bits in your outline that were painful. When you are done with all the material, you’ll have a decent outline to read through and remember.
If you are going through hell, keep going.
–  Winston Churchill
Make flashcards
Making flashcards might seem retro but actually is super helpful. By writing down the info from your outline, you are already doing half the studying. Once the flashcards are done, you’ll have a veritable pocket study powerhouse to look over.
Do get help
If you are having trouble remembering your topics or a concept is just not sinking in, get some help before it’s too late. Ask your teacher to go over it with you. You can also recruit your family members to help with  the flashcards.
Sleep is underrated
We are not your mum, we know, but all those scientists say you need at least 7 hours of sleep a night to function properly. These exams are designed to make you think. If you are sleep-deprived, then you will remember zero of the info you studied so hard above to cram into your brain.
Keep Calm & Carry on
You know what we’re going to say – do not panic at the exam! Even if the test suddenly looks overwhelming,  take a steady breath. If one of the questions seems too hard, just go on ahead and answer all the questions you do know, then come back to the ones you left unanswered later on. Keep telling yourself you are ready, you studied, and carry on.
Take it easy, no need to rush
You have hopefully spent at least 2 weeks studying, so what’s another few minutes? Just go through the exam slowly and read everything through before before answering the questions. If you are done before the time is up, take some time to read through what you have written.
Do. Not. Panic.
Even if you think you bombed it, worrying about it will not change your exam results. It will though probably affect your mindset for the next one. Block out the last test and focus on the upcoming one. We are sure that you didn’t do as badly as you might think though. Panic you must not, as a wise little green man would say.
We love helping you. So aside from exam tips, we want your student life to be a happy one. Make sure you and your friends are enjoying yourselves even when studying. Remember why you are doing it all.
Then share this article with anyone who is also studying. Also don’t stop talking about and sharing the Switching Rooms concept, to save folks thousands a year simply by just swapping a room.
Lots of love.,
the Switching Rooms Team, thinking of you at 3am ;-)

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