Your Spring checklist ready for University this Autumn

Thousands of Irish students have made their CAO applications now. As a new student waiting to join the University of your choice, you probably have loads of questions about what to expect.

Something most new students want to know is where to go to find resources. They need information on living in or outside the university, or also what to do before receiving their final admission letter. In this article, you’ll find the beginnings of a helpful checklist, part of a much larger blog series.

By following the tips outlined in our blogs, you’ll find it easier when you start at uni – keep reading to find out what you should be doing now to save hassle and costs later.


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1. Make any Necessary Amendments before the CAO Deadline

You might be wanting to change your course application and wondering whether this is still possible, since the application deadline has already been and gone. Remember that CAO applicants have an opportunity to revise their course choices before the July 1st deadline set by CAO. Some students have already filled the change of course through the paid application. The deadline for this was March 1st. However, if you are considering further changes, take advantage of the Change-of-mind facility beginning the month of May and the deadline will be July 1. The change of mind facility is offered to Irish students at no charge.


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2. Attend the University Open Day to Familiarize Yourself with the Institution

University freshmen find it hard to adapt to the university for the first semester and this is understandable as it is such a new environment. The way of doing things at the university is so different from the old high school approach. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal you’ll feel confused on your first day wandering around aimlessly. To reduce this, you can attend the university functions before your course begins in September. The open day events offer new students a chance to learn more about how things work on campus. You’ll meet students and university staff who can helpfully take you through some processes before the orientation date



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3. Consider Accommodation Close to Uni

Spring could be the perfect time to look for accommodation especially if you’re starting classes this September. There are several options to explore. For Irish students, you can find inexpensive accommodation easily, by exchanging your room at home for other rooms closer to the university. This is the most inexpensive accommodation option that Irish students have. You can also fill out housing applications and pay a deposit or rent privately. Remember that by early Autumn, the options will definitely be limited and the prices will go up with increased demand. So take advantage of available options now if you can.


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4. Review Financial aid Packages Available for Irish Students

Clarify anything that is unclear as to getting financial aid. Don’t forget to ask about the start of application dates and what the disbursement dates are. This helps make timely applications in readiness for your start date. If the disbursement dates are after tuition has begun, you might have to look for other options to pay your college fees.

That is it for your Spring checklist to make it easier starting uni this Autumn – don’t forget that accommodation is super important! You need a place that is quiet and offers a conducive environment for learning. You also need it to not take all of your much needed cash, so you can have a life! Join our database and secure a room swap date now, you will save thousands of Euro on rent as there is no cost to pay at all for your room. We’ll write more blogs over the coming months on checklists to help you get started at uni – stay well!

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