Accommodation – a university necessity that can be free

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Accommodation is a hot topic right now in general, especially for students.

The start of term is well and truly in full swing with the fresher’s week kicking off the university festivities. It is great for new students who have accommodation provided for the first year. However for the second, third- and fourth-year students it is time to start finding accommodation – if you haven’t already.

Renting a room in a house share can be great. You can be sharing with people you know and like and get along with. If you’re organised and have already sorted your accommodation, then that’s great news.

If you’re still looking or have decided you’ll be needing a new roof over your head, Switching Rooms can help . Registration is quick and simple to use, and it is currently free to register. You’ll be saving time and money. All your needs are taken care of and this can include food and bills.

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Current statistics show that tuition fee’s debt has risen 10% since last year when it stood at just under £3bn. Plus only one in six students manage to pay off their student loans. Housing is by far one of the biggest costs. If you are looking for different ways to save money, then these are our top tips:

• Create a budget – write down all your outgoings and all your income for the month and make small changes if you need to tighten the purse strings
• Write a menu for the week and only buy what you need – this will help not only your bank balance but it will help your carbon footprint and stop wasting food.
• Sign up for online voucher websites – lots of different websites have different deals so keep an eye on them to make sure you don’t miss any deals
• Have a dry weekend – everyone knows that university are the party years for most students but try having a weekend with no alcohol and see how much you save – your bank balance and your liver will thank you!

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One of the best ways to start saving money is to make sure you have inexpensive accommodation. You could be enjoying free rent  with inclusive, bills and utility costs by using Switching Rooms. This is all prearranged with the landlord. This way you will know how much is out each month and then you can budget for essentials! Essentials of course being stationery, books pizza and beer!

Register with Switching Rooms today. You know that when you finish your studies, your old room will still be there waiting for you. A simple, free solution to reduce that student debt.

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