Housing Crisis – Students at breaking point

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Construction at student housing at Western Road, Cork, where the old Muskerry Service Station was located over the summer. Picture: Denis Minihane.







The housing crisis continues. Last week we discussed the current situation,  where hundreds of students are either not accepting positions or courses, or paying thousands to commute to where they need to be.

The Irish Times recently featured this article  where UCC Students’ Union deputy president Kelly Coyle said the housing situation in Cork is at “breaking point”.

To see that there are parents taking out second mortgages, students taking on extra jobs to pay these prices because there is nothing else available is truly saddening – and unnecessary.

Social movement has become necessary with lack of quick enough action, people are having to find solutions fast. To some this may be simply paying the exorbitant rental fees, but Switching Rooms want to bring a new option to the market.

We suggest that users simply swap rooms, and agree amongst themselves suitable terms. This enables quick location changes to suit their work or study needs. Usually students have a home room the parents are more than happy to swap with, if this saves them thousands of rental fees. All users benefit from a safe home environment this way, with no fees at all.

Switching Rooms is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to swap a room rather than paying high costs to rent a flat or house. To make life easier, even the utility bills, food and other necessities can also be included upon the signing of contracts. Currently it is completely free to register with us for this room switching service.

We aim to roll this out as an international service and at this beta stage, charge nothing. Hundreds of users are already swapping rooms on our system.

Please register today and see how this simple concept could save you thousands in accommodation fees, whilst allowing you to be close to uni or work. Simply upload photos of your available room, and set up your account to have access to all properties.

Please share this concept with your friends and family, making this movement available to everyone.




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