How we work


Account Creation

Simply sign up today to become part of our swap community. You can then upload your room details and once verified you will be put in the system and a match will be found. Your account will be live once payment is received and you are taking part in the swap system, so your own room details are essential.

Choosing your Property

Switching Rooms works for you!

Switching rooms is a room-swapping service that matches you with homes in the city your child is moving to for a nominal fee.
Your child (the student) will then live Rent FREE for the agreed timeframe!

Room Exchange

Garda Vetting

To ensure the safety of all of the students availing of room swap, it will be necessary for all homes to be Garda Vetted. All you have to do is fill out a form with the details of each family member over 18 living in the home.
Complete this as early as possible to avoid delays in being able to use Switching Rooms.


Handover & Maintenance

We suggest both parties meet in person to agree the main terms of the swap, and discuss any possible extras like wifi, laundry facilities etc. These terms should be agreed from the beginning, so you both have the best experience whilst away from home. Organising these details early will make the move seamless and avoid any unnecessary issues.