Housing Crisis – How Room Swapping Can Help

Is there a solution to the current housing crisis?

The current situation in Ireland is critical as we all know. You can’t open a paper or go online without seeing another headline. The lack of housing and the related exorbitant costs are constant media fodder. We have homeless and vulnerable people suffering through lack of acommodation. Even those who do have homes cannot afford to relocate for uni or work. This leaves hundreds either not accepting positions or courses, or paying thousands to commute.

Since the recession there have been so many different policies put in place to get Ireland back in the black. The government also wish to bring in a policy to help first time buyers get onto the property ladder called the “help to buy scheme”. This is a great idea in principle – however- for the student body who require a room closer to university, or a business person commuting for work needing a central base NOW – then the room swap  concept of what we offer at Switching Rooms would be the ideal no cost solution. It’s implementation takes days not years, and all within a few clicks of a mouse. No cash is required, and it ensures all available rooms in all locations are used, which are welcome bonuses.

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With rental landlords now asking for a hefty 2 months deposit and a month up front, it is even harder for students and business people to rent within the required postcode. The government state that if a property is purchased then the owner may need to agree to live in that property for 3 years minimum. After that they can rent the whole property  out– but – they could still rent a room out (or swap one).

So if this policy becomes reality, Switching Rooms will continue to be ideal. Any landlord or home that has an extra room they do not need– where they would gain more benefit to having a second room elsewhere – can use it. All they would need to sign up is to register their room, upload a few images, and await contact from other room switching users.

Switching Rooms is ideal for anyone who wants to swap a room rather than shelling out to rent a flat or house. To make life easier, even the utility bills, food and other necessities can also be included upon the signing of contracts. Currently it is completely free to register for the room switching service.

As Ireland are coming out of the 2008 recession, there are so many opinions of the way it was handled. One thing is certain at Switching Rooms. As a housing service for students and business people, we are here to help users feel safe and comfortable while they are away from home. Users will save so much money using this service and be in the location they need. They will be happy knowing the old room they had will still be there when they go back. The other great thing is the commuting costs that users save, enjoying them in their new life and location instead.

Please register today and see how this simple concept could save you thousands in accommodation fees, whilst allowing you to be close to uni or work.




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