National rent prices surge – would you be happy with a week’s notice?

unhapystudenthousingcrisis National rent prices surge   would you be happy with a weeks notice?
Stress of housing impacts students
Students in Galway have just had yet another housing price hike, and we at Switching Room Towers think this stinks. The country has enough issues with rents growing nationally year on year, without being given just 7 days notice.
Who is going to find alternative accommodation in 7 days? It’s little wonder a campaign has now started online with a petition opposing the hike has already gathered thousands of signatures (make sure yours is one of them).

“Rents continue to rise, and rise at close to record rates, due to an acute and worsening shortage of accommodation.”
Ronan Lyons, economist at Trinity College Dublin

Overall, rents are now 16% higher than their 2008 peak to an all-time high of €1,200. (
This is exactly why we do what we do. We think it makes common sense to simply swap your home room with a new room closer to where you need to be.
Your parents won’t have to pay for your rent, and you might even get to pocket some of the savings they make. Win win right?
Less stressing about rent and more studying, working, partying – we all need to focus on what matters.
Read more about the Galway rent hike here 
Please share with anyone you know who wants to take part in our beta stage, where there is no cost at all to sign up, swap your room to the place you need to be.
Don’t let anyone else overpay on rent – call us, email us, Facebook us, we want to help. Anyone interested can register their details and we will help you find a room at no cost. Student acommodation does not need to cost the earth.

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