How to Choose Your University Accommodation in Dublin

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One of the most exciting things for undergraduate students is the opportunity to move out of your home and start living independently. However, for university freshmen, finding the right student accommodation in Dublin might be a daunting task. For those that are just getting started, here are few pointers and tips as to what to look for when searching for suitable accommodation for students in Ireland but the tips may apply to many other places too.


1.    What is your Budget?


What accommodation options in Dublin suit your budget? It is important that before you start looking that you know the budget limitations. How much are you willing to spend? Once you have come up with the most suitable budget, you can then start looking for a Dublin room that suits you. Rule of thumb is “always stick to your budget”. As a student, you would also love to save on accommodation as this’d give you more money for the rest of the term. This means that you need to adjust accordingly and find a suitable room that saves you an extra coin.


2.    Location, Location, Location!!


There are several universities and colleges in Dublin and all these are located in different parts of the city. For many university and college students, they would like to live near their college to avoid the hustle of having to wake up early to make it to class on time. Therefore, location is a critical factor to have in mind when searching for a student room in Dublin. If you Google for student’s accommodation in Dublin, you will have a full list of options but not all of them will suit you. Therefore, narrow your search to a specific place in Dublin. Looking on Facebook is also another option in groups.
For example, if you are admitted to the Dublin Institute of Technology, you would be interested in student’s accommodation along Bishop Street or Peter Row. How close to college would you like to stay? Remember the closer you are, the more convenient it will be for you – and we all want an easy life don’t we? Plus let’s not forget your social life, because that’s super important too. What is nearby?


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3.    What Type of Student Accommodation would you like?


You have 2 main options – there is an on-campus accommodation and off-campus accommodation option available for Irish students. For those who would like to live off-campus, there are various advantages that come with this. For instance, if you were to choose offsite with us here at Switching Rooms you can swap your homeroom for a convenient Dublin room close to your college or university, and therefore pay no rent at all. In addition, you would get to enjoy more freedom as you are not constrained to University rules on accommodation like those living on-campus. On campus will come at a cost and with some restrictions, but is convenient, so there’s a cost for that convenience.


4.    What are Your Negotiables?


Students will have particular must-haves when choosing the accommodation to suit their needs. You definitely want a place where you can negotiate for different packages. This is the reason why many students nowadays prefer off-campus accommodation. Apart from being able to negotiate for rent reduction, you can go for extra features like free and fast internet connection, private bathroom, shared kitchen with private lockable storage and several other options. All of these are available here at Switching Rooms for our swap community.


5 – When searching for student’s accommodation in Dublin, start the search early enough.


Do not leave this to the last minute folks. Research online as much as possible and ensure you check out how close the alternatives are to college. Consider Switching Rooms with us, a brilliant option where you can easily swap your homeroom for a suitable student accommodation in Dublin and other main locations.  With our options, you get an opportunity to easily swap out your home room and this saving on rent will enable great options for your budget. Sign up today to load up your room details and check out available room swap options for Dublin and other great places, we’re sure you will find the perfect place from our selection.


We hope you find these tips useful to help plan and budget correctly, allowing you to  live within your means. We have some great blogs coming up on how to stretch your cash too, so stay tuned here and on Facebook for updates.



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