Students with disabilities don’t get accessible rooms they need

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Irish Times
.”You’d be surprised how often wheelchair accessible rooms aren’t as they say, but, if you are a wheelchair user, you know this already.”
Louise Bruton
Disabled students find life hard enough and we know not enough is being done in terms of facilities and accessibility for rooms, whether short stay or long term.


Here at Switching Rooms, we have heard from so many students who live with disabilities, that they having to suffer the additional challenges of trying to source suitable accommodation when they are planning for college, be it short stays when they are assessing different colleges, or full time once they have relocated.


On top of this, so many places claim they are ready and list various features, but it is only when the guest arrives after a harrowing journey, that they discover not everything is as easy as had been claimed. Stairs anyone? Doors not wide enough, lack of supportive rails and more – just some of the aspects to contend with, when all they really want to to get in and relax. At that last moment, they have little choice in securing elsewhere so guests are often stuck in a difficult and less than ideal situation, having already paid.


Swapping like for like instead of a hotel or b&b, can help hugely and is often a much better solution, and is why we offer wheelchair accessibility in many of our rooms, and make it obvious in the room features here on the website. You won’t be second guessing, just simply swapping yours for one that has exactly what you need in a great location.


Please spread the word, as we work with everyone to ensure our database has what you need and we are open to any and all feedback as to how the site works.
All registrants will get free access for a short period, so please be one of our early supporters as we all grow together on this journey to reduce the Irish housing crisis. Beyond that we plan to move internationally, so stay tuned!


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