8 decorating tips to create your ideal student room

Are you excited to be moving out, or perhaps anxious?


Are you ready to go and have all your plans made, or need some help getting to that point?


We thought we’d put together some ideas for when you are dreaming of your new room, whether you are using our excellent free room swap service, here at Switching Rooms or going it alone (though, why would you do that, when you have our entire database to search through for FREE rent!)


This is your time to dream about that little nook that will be yours at last – no parents or siblings, your room will be a peaceful zone where you can be creative, study, work and relax. Here are some ideas on how you can make it truly yours, with your personality and definitely functional but fun!

Your bed is a canvas

Let’s start with some the biggest real estate – your bed. We all know there’s nothing quite like cosying up on your bed, but even more so after an exhausting day. Fling a handful of cushions and throws around – by making your bed, less bed-like and more loungeable, your room will ooze comfort and invite you in. Just be sure to work somewhere else like a desk, so you don’t relax tooo much….

rug 8 decorating tips to create your ideal student roomSoft furnishings are still de rigeur

Now the bed it sorted, let’s remember that no one likes stepping onto a cold floor. Rugs and mats and aren’t that expensive, and easy to pick up in charity shops too. An injection of colour that will help make your room feel homely and you’ll want to retreat to it. A rug will also bring in texture or colour and just form the basis of a lovely new cosy room. You will walk on it, read on it, and probably even sleep on it at some point, on one of the days there wasn’t enough caffeine, or sleep!


Student Bedroom 262x122 8 decorating tips to create your ideal student roomSnaps of time into wall art

This is a new start for you and there are so many experiences to come, though we recommend you bring a bit of home with you. Photos will bring back great memories and you can get creative by checking for collage ideas on Pinterest.
Print a selection of your favourite shots and display them on your wall –  this is your opportunity express creativity and remember friends and loved ones. Your artistic display allows guests to get to know you a little bit more too and is bound to be a conversation starter.

Hit the wall

Figuratively speaking, obvs. Walls really are like a blank canvas for your creativity, especially if you use blu tak or tape – some tapestry, posters or cheap ebay wall decals are just some ways to add fun to an otherwise boring wall.
We like wall tapestries as 1) there is no painting and 2) it implies you have possibly traveled the world plus 3) very lazy option as easy to pin up. Try and get something lightweight if you can.

Fairy lights bedroom 210x262 8 decorating tips to create your ideal student roomFairy light magic for your room

Lighting will go a long way in transforming your student room from dull dungeon to boudoir chic. Whether fairy lights or desk lamps, they add a really cosy touch in transforming your student room into a sanctuary.
Lights put the finishing touch on a fully furnished room. especially if the main light in your room isn’t great.
They’re cheap, versatile and (with a bit of help from your Washi Tape) can be threaded across walls, around furniture or, for a Hollywood feel, stick them around your mirror.
You can even go Command Hook crazy (we LOVE Command Hooks here).
If you’re a bit of a book worm or spend a lot of time at your desk, desk or floor lamps may be more your thing and will add that cosy touch.


Stackable storage Pinterest 8 decorating tips to create your ideal student room Cute & Functional Storage Spaces
Stackable storage is a fantastic way to store loads of things from snacks to paperwork and they’re easy to move and organise. If you don’t have space for a bedside table, a mattress caddy is a brilliant alternative as is is space saving and an easily accessible space to store a laptop or iPad.Depending on how much stuff you have you’ll find that things like a shoe rack, over the door hooks, scarf/accessory organisers, storage hangers and maybe even a small clothes rail will come in handy. If you’re feeling creative, you can jazz up storage boxes with your own designs. Your room may not have enough shelving or existing nooks for your stuff, so create your own, and ensure it’s easy to change around when needed.

Student plants We heart it 1 262x262 8 decorating tips to create your ideal student roomBring Nature Inside

Plants have this magical ability to make even the dingiest student digs look homely. A few well-placed pieces of nature around your room can do wonders for your creativity and mental health, plus they’ll clear up the air in your room. Just don’t forget to give them some water every now and then!
Small Cacti, Aloe Vera, or a Peace Lily can easily be kept in small windowsill pots.
If you don’t have that green touch, a nice vase of fake flowers could be a great way to brighten up your room and provide the illusion of bringing nature inside without the whole watering/dying thing.


Reed diffuser 262x262 8 decorating tips to create your ideal student roomSmells like paradise

Last but definitely not least, let’s not forget smell. We all know walking into a room could be a harrowing experience in terms of smell. Will yours be amazing, or scary? Smell is the strongest memory-triggering sense, so reed diffusers are a brilliant way to introduce scents. Plus, they give off a more consistent level of fragrance. As a bonus, they are a stylish addition to your room. You may not be able to burn a nice big candle, so a few alternatives for infusing a lovely fragrance into your room are diffusers, room spray, tea lights in containers or incense sticks (if allowed). At the worst a regular air spray will do, there are  much more environmentally friendly ones these days. You can also add a few drops of aromtherapy oil to cotton balls and place them on your radiator, so that the smell releases when the radiators warm up.


So get your creative side thinking now, ready for the weeks ahead. Exciting times await!

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