Tips and FAQs

What is switching rooms?

Going to university?

Leaving an empty room behind?

Join our switching rooms community,  search our database for a room in the town or city you are relocating to.  Switch your bedroom with another member.

ELIMINATE paying huge rental costs by directly swapping with another switching rooms member.

Everyone can see the rooms available, however contact details may only be accessed after sign-up.

What are the benefits of joining switching rooms?

Save rental costs

If you do manage to secure private rented accommodation, you can expect to pay anything from €7000 to €10,000 per college year.

If you are traveling to another country, switching rooms  allows you to source accommodation at no cost.

Sign up is free for early users.

Avoid the pain of trying to locate a student room.

Advertise and search for a swap from the comfort of your home

Negotiate your terms and make your own arrangements with your host family.

Live in a home environment

Choose a room in a home setting, and avoid a damp, sparsely furnished room, without all the comforts of home.

Parents, be assured your son or daughter making their first transition and  moving away from home is, in a family environment.

Erasmus students be assured that you have secured suitable accommodation, with a possibility of living with a host family, at no cost.

Switch rooms for free with another student, for the college term.

Agree your own terms with your host family and avoid paying rent.


Worried about paying large rent as well as college fees and subsistence?

Concerned about your son or daughter moving out of home for the first time?

Switching rooms allows you to

ELIMINATE any rent for the college term.

  • Advertise a room
  • Carefully select a room for your son or daughter
  • Communicate with your host family
  • Agree onhouse rules and accommodation arrangements
  • Enjoy the experience of being a host family for someone else’s son or daughter starting college for the first time!


Avoid the stress of searching for a room for the college term.

Avoid scrimping to get monthly rent together.

Enjoy all the comforts of a home away from home.

Erasmus students, decrease the costs of studying in another country by eliminating rent.

Agree in writing all the terms and conditions required to live with your host family, and enjoy the experience of being at college.


Host family/student agreement tips

We would recommend that both host families and students agree on basic terms, in advance.

We would also suggest where possible that all parties should take the time to meet in person, remember you will be living under the same roof.

We would also suggest that both parties put this agreement in writing to avoid any confusion or conflict at a later date.


  • Agree on basic house rules
  • Agree on what is considered acceptable noise levels
  • Agree on what services and facilities are being used i.e. laundry, shared areas in the house, food, tv, phone
  • Agree on meals and kitchen arrangements
  • Agree on weekend accommodation in advance if it is provided
  • Agree on transportation in advance if it’s being provided.
  • Agree on WiFi restrictions, data limits
  • Agree on the restrictions of overnight guests
  • Determine if a room or house key is provided
  • Agree on laundry facilities
  • We would strongly suggest both parties meet in person to inspect the rooms and discuss all arrangements in depth. Once agreed all parties should sign and retain a copy of the agreement in order to avoid any confusion at a later date
  • The switching rooms community relies on trust and respect. We would hope that students respect that they are being welcomed into a family home, and treat it as such
  • We would also suggest that host families recognise that their guest is to be treated with respect and welcomed as an additional family member for the duration of their stay
  • We would strongly suggest all parties sign an agreement contract

Sending and receiving inquiries

Get in touch with members looking to swap in your area.

Engage in conversation with them regarding mutual suitability and to ensure the all needs and requirements are met.

Remember, it is okay to say no if a switch does not interest you, a speedy response will help all users to get a placement faster.

We recommend that everyone signs an agreement contract.

It is important to communicate all arrival and departure dates with your host families in order to avoid any confusion.


The best way to secure a swap is to provide as much accurate and relevant information as possible.

The best means of securing a swap, is to provide as much accurate details as possible.

Make sure your profile pictures are well lit, and clutter free.

Once you have chosen a room and made a switch, please mark your listing as room switch found in order to avoid other students contacting you.

Wheelchair Accessible

Please be aware if you have ticked yes to wheelchair accessible the house must meet the following criteria,level access, door width must suit a wheelchair, bathroom must be a wet room, bedroom must accommodate wheelchair movement easily.
Please provide pictures of all above.



How much does cost?

Switching rooms  will charge an annual registration fee.

Sign up is FREE for a limited time only.

Switching rooms will be charging an annual signup fee of €150 , once the free signup offer has ended.

What does your insurance company think about having a house guest?

We do advise that you discuss this with your insurance provider before committing to a switch to check any specific policy requirements.

What is limited guest access?

Limited guest access allows the user to browse through the rooms listed, but it does not allow guests to see contact details, users must join to be able to contact other members.

What is full membership access.

Full membership allows members to upload their own profile and contact other members.

I am not a student, may I register?

Yes you may register, make it clear in your profile that you are not a student, but interested in switching rooms.

I am living in the country but am on a public transport route or can offer transport daily, can I sign up?

Yes we think you could consider switching like for like and or your room may suit a person with their own transport.

Just be clear in your description.

Do I have to switch my own room, or may I advertise another room, belonging to a family member or relative?

You may arrange to advertise any suitable room as long as all parties are in agreement.


Once both parties have communicated and agreed to terms of agreement, we recommend signing a contract.
Cancelling must only be done, under seriously compelling circumstances, such as illness or death.
Remember the community operates on a trust basis, letting a member down at the last minute could result in large unexpected accommodation costs.