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New Student Accommodation Solution launches in Ireland 2017.


www.switchingrooms.ie is a new online start-up that provides a solution to the housing shortage and escalating rents faced by third level students.


Switching Rooms allows students to advertise  on its database the rooms that they are  leaving behind, search for a suitable match in the required destination and do a direct swap, thus eliminating the need to pay any rent in their new room.


“Switching Rooms is Airbnb for students” according to Founder Aisling Byrne. “It allows students to swap their home rooms, cutting out huge rental costs faced by students in the academic year. They may also agree terms and provide food, Wifi, cleaning facilities and transport to save on living expenses”


This will allow students to source suitable accommodation, from their own home.


Parents worrying about the cost involved in sending students to third level can look at the option of hosting a switching rooms member and eliminate rental cost for the college term.


Students reluctant to choose a course in another city are no longer prohibited by costs. The website functionality allows parents and students to agree terms ahead of a swap to facilitate each others needs.


In recent years students across the country have had incredible difficulty finding accommodation for the academic year.


According to the HEA “There has been an unprecedented growth in participation in higher education in recent years and this is set to continue for the fulltime demand for education developed by the department of education and skills.  These projections estimate that the demand will increase from 168,000 in 2014 to nearly 193,000 in 2024, however it also places pressure in exsisting infrastructure including demand for suitable student accommodation”.


Sometimes the simple ideas are the best. In a world where living expenses and rents are stratospheric and the zeitgeist moves from owning to sharing. Switching rooms finds itself in a smart place.


This Irish startup that connects students looking for accommodation with each other could prove to be a winner.


The sharing economy is growing in popularity worldwide and switching rooms ticks all the boxes.


Switching Rooms plans on expanding worldwide connecting international students with each other. The future looks promising.


Founder and CEO Aisling  Byrne has worked for the last 20 years in the film business, designing the costumes for Love/Hate, Raw, and most recently  The maze due for cinema release in September 2017. Having experienced first hand the lack of rental accommodation and escalating rent prices she set about developing switching rooms to facilitate those that may have an empty room at home and might be in a position to do a direct swap.


Having had to source short term accommodation and recognising the need for a solution, for those that may have a room to swap, she launched Switching Rooms.


Aisling’s mother Ann Byrne ran a simular business in the 1980’s prior to internet days!


Aisling is based in Kinvarra Co. Galway, and may be contacted directly by;

email aisling@switchingrooms.ie

mobile 087 6756115

Landline 091638772